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My London Top 10's

On my website I have a separate section called my Top 10’s, it features a lot of my top 10 choices and is very random and general, and of course also have this aspect of the site all about London and so it was only natural to have a part of My London on my favourite top 10 London things and places.

A long time ago when I worked in hotels I build a website called Top10London, it was built and designed as a link farm for the hotels main website, that site is still live, but is slowly disappearing as no one is working on it, however it did give me the inspiration to built these two areas of paulkavanagh.com. I have always liked lists, although I am not really a big writer of lists, certainly not when I work. But on the web I like looking a list based sites, I find it interesting to see the different lists that people compile.

This part of my site, I have started with a few aspects of London that not everyone would agree with my lists or my choices, but that is the beauty of building my site, these are my lists, my top 10’s and so I get to pick who and what I list on my Top 10 List, oh how I love the power and freedom of owning my own website. But ego aside, I know that even I will change my mind over the content of these lists, I know that when I look at these pages in a few months time I will want to change the order or even the entries, but that is the thing with London, new things come along, things change, get improved and so forth. A great example of these is a market in London called Spitalfields, it would not have made my top 10 a while ago, but over the past few months it has really grown and now is really a great area of London to visit and spend time in.

I hope you enjoy my lists, but just remember there are my picks, and my picks on this day, so please don’t hold it against me if you disagree.


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