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“A man not a socialist at 18 does not have a heart, a man still a socialist at 40 does not have a brain”, so the saying goes. Therefore for me I must have neither heart nor brain, but when I first heard this quote, albeit only a few years ago, I thought to myself, hell that’s me in reverse. Today at this wonderful middle age, I do find my views, on some things, far more compassionate and understanding.

That said my views of the world of politics, and especially politicians is denigrating at an alarming level. Now I know in days of old, we, the normal people, had far more respect for people of authority, doctors, policemen, bank managers, and therefore possible also politicians. But how, in any ones right mind, can we as normal people have any respect for liars, cheats, thieves and con merchants. Certainly not just because they are called MP’s. How have we as a world got to the point where by it is “understandable” and therefore nothing done, when an MP can pay his family a salary, for doing nothing, and out of the taxes we pay, and this just forgotten about within days or at most weeks.

However that said, politics is one of the world’s most important issues and subjects. It impacts on just about every aspect of our living being. People before us have fought for our rights, fought and died so we can use, and sometimes even abuse, our rights and freedoms. And thank you so much that they did. I work in an environment where the world crosses my path on a daily basis, hotels are places where the world comes to sleep, and so I am in contact with so many different cultures, mindsets, ways of thinking and beliefs, but even with that diverse surround, politics is something that effects us all.

It is sometimes difficult, maybe even down right dangerous to speak openly about your views on certain subjects, unless you are a seriously technical writer and 100% sure you can write your point exactly as you mean it, or say your point, then perhaps it is safer to say nothing. My site, and this section of it is not some hard core political soap box, it is just one man, utilizing the world wide web to have my say, to be able to say what I believe, at the time of writing. And thank you world for allowing me that freedom. Always said I was a lucky boy.

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