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This section of my website is almost something new and recent for me, writing poetry I mean. It is not that I know how to, or have any real skill for doing so, it is just that as a format it allows for, and in some ways forces a different way of thinking, and this therefore enforces a different result when the word have appeared on the paper.

Years ago, when I was travelling a lot, spending a lot of time on board airplanes I used to fill my time writing poems, my only rule at the time was that each poem never left the plane with me, so I would write them, tear them out of the pad and leave them on the flight. I really do not quite know why it was that I did that, but for me there seemed some form of poetic rightness to leaving them on board, maybe to be found by a stranger and read, maybe just thrown in the bin, maybe having an impact on the stranger, maybe not.

So here we are again, writing poems, posting them on my website and just leaving them there for a stranger to read, maybe it will have an impact, maybe they will just be laughed at and left. The point is that I can write the words, like walking, I just put one after the other, and see where the journey takes me. You see for me, poems are possibly just the most wonderful way of empting my mind. Poems allow me to write what I feel at that moment, and also allow me to express the copious confusion that I seem to live my life under.

Poems should have technique, all writing should at least have that. I know clearly I do not have that technique. I know I do not have that skill. But sometimes it is better to have written badly than never to have written at all. And so for me, just like so much of this website of mine, I just think it is better to put the words down, express them, put them out there, let the world see them if they want to, and be dammed. After all what is the alternative, and what is the point of that alternative.

So here is my poems, yes they are crap, they possible do not surpass the standard of a kid doing their 11+, but the fact is this, I am not putting them out for critique, I am writing for me, I am putting these words together because these are the words I want to use, the words I want to say, and thankfully freedom of speech allows me to do so. So from now, added to my list of things I do, albeit in this case, things I do badly, is, I am poet.....   


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