I am a part of all that I have met and all I have met is a part of me.

My Philosophy

My Philosophy

Over the coming years I think this section of PaulKavanagh.com will become my favourite part of the site to write and build. For me the art of thinking is without doubt one of my most favoured pastimes. I love to think about things, run situations through my mind and create my own PaulKavanagh take on the issue in question. This is one of the best things about owning my own website, it gives me a place to publish, to record, those thoughts, it also give me the motivation to try and write them down. Maybe in 100 years someone with quote me alongside Plato or Socrates, okay maybe not, but if by chance you read this page and the other connected pages then I have achieved my aim and spread my thoughts, visions and ideas.

There is one thing that I have always known about myself and that is that I can, and in a lot of cases do, have a very different view of life’s situations. I consistently find myself questioning others, seeing things from a different perspective, I very rarely find anything that is just black or white. I also feel that for some reason I am always looking for the different angle, I am always asking the question, Why? I find myself always looking at an issue and wondering if the majority have it wrong or right, I consistently look to see if my mind can see the subject differently. Why do I do that?

The other thing that I find is a serious part of my mind is that I change my position on a lot of subjects. What I will clearly see as black one day, could be white or grey the next. I am not sure that is a good thing, but equally I do not see it as bad. Maybe I see it as having the ability to live with change, or having such an open mind that I can accept easily other influences, and so my position on a subject or issue does change. With writing my ideas and thoughts down on here I think it will be really interesting to read them back in later years. One thing I know I have done wrong in building PaulKavanagh.com is that I did not put a date on the articles I have already written so people who read them for the first time may see a point of view as being current and that may not always be correct or accurate, ce la vie.

One concern I do have with doing this section of my site is my skill and abilities with written English. Don’t get me wrong, I do feel I can articulate my thoughts and that I have a reasonable command of English to write them down, but I certainly do not have the typing skills to type as fast as I think, and so I know I will and do make mistakes. As a young man I know I suffered from dyslexia, not very bad, but enough to impact on what I did. I also know that sometimes with my writing I try and be too clever, so mixing all this together I feel that sometimes I lose a little definition, some clarity, of my goal. Sometimes I will have an idea for the next sentence or point while I am typing, but by the time I am finished with one sentence the point will have gone from my mind forever. This is not something that happens when I talk, but does only when I try to write.

When I was thinking about these pages I wondered just what to call it, My Philosophy, My Mind, My Thinking, I really did ponder just what it was that I wanted this section to be, what it would say and what it would mean, and although I ended up with My Philosophy, sometimes I feel it may have been better to have called it My Mind. But there you go that is just me changing my mind once again.

So My Philosophy section will be my attempt to get down my way of looking at things, my ideas and my visions, and I really think it will be fun to write, but perhaps the section that takes longest to compile. Yes I know this site will never end being built, but this section will take time to have a reasonable base of pages to portray an insight into the workings of the mind of Paul Kavanagh.   


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