And in the end it is not the years in your life that counts, it is the life in your years

My Life

For many years now I have wondered and thought about writing my autobiography, lets face it if Jordan and Wayne Rooney do it, then why not I. Okay so they have a level of interest, they have done things that result in public interest. But for me I think, I believe I have led an interesting, eventful and stimulation life thus far. And so I have, and still feel, it is something I should do one day.

The name of my book would be titled “A Normal Life”. And yes it is a name that strikes me as slightly contradictory, because for me, in a lot of ways, while I feel I am normal, I do also feel I have led a life more than just normality. I have lived, experienced a lot of things others only dream about, I have been very lucky, however, I have also known hardship, sorrow, pain and disappointment. I have lived.

I have always lived my life in boxes, and very rarely allowed those boxes to open to each other. I believe there is some special physiological term for this, and it is in some ways not that unusual. Although maybe I have been a little extreme in my use of this. I am in the main happy with my life, have only a few regrets, missed a few opportunities, but the positives so much outweight the negitives that I should, and do, regard my life as having been very good thus far.
This section of my little site will take time to write, but I do intend to make it as honest as is possible.









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