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My Life in 5 Parts

A life in 5 parts

For the average person, say who lives to around 90 years old, a life is made up of various parts, various times, I suppose it depends on the life you lead as to what life sectors you have and at what point it is a natural half way point. For me, and at this point in my life, I feel I am possibly at the half way point, but that my life is made up of five parts. So here I will try and describe the five parts, those that have been and those yet still to come.

Part 1 has to be my life in Ireland, up to 19 years old

Part 2 would be the first 10 years in London

Part 3 would be from my late 20’s to today in my mid-forties

Part 4 is the start of my second half, the next 20 years

Part 5 is retirement, the final years.

Of course I know, or at least I might guess, that the second half of my life is very unlikely to be quite as adventurist as the first half, I am sure that I am unlikely to push myself to the same extremes as I have previously done. That is not to say that I see myself change that much, but I guess that that is the way life goes. And in some wonderful ways that is what could make the second half so exciting, just for some reason, unexplainable reason, I do feel I will enjoy those moments more than I have in the past. I guess it is a case of having learned how to enjoy, how to appreciate, the unusual/different moments more so than in the past.

Of course when I speak of the times gone, there are other parts and pages of my site,, that talk about those days, sections like “My Life” have quite a few parts that relate to specific elements of these times. But at the time of writing, there is not really much that refers to the future, but I guess that is reasonable.

One of the reasons why I wanted to do these pages is that for some reason I have always “boxed” my life, certain things, certain events, and even certain people, have been placed in a box and stored in the back of my mind. Sometimes I open the box and have a look in, but with some things I have closed and locked the box and never want to see inside again. And of course the other reason for laying out this section in this way is because I have also had obvious changes in my life, points in my life where the direction of my life has shifted dramatically, and these points are a reasonable reflection of that change.

Life is a wonderful thing, my life certainly has been, and I know my life is not yet over, but one joy about doing this site is the reward to myself, the pleasure of looking back on the good and bad times of my life. Funny little events pop into my head as I type these pages, and it is a nice feeling. My chocolate feeling. I have described myself before as being like Marmite, you either love me or hate me, but for me even those that do hate me I would thank them, and am grateful to them for having played a part in my life.


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