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My Last Day

My last day

Ever since a friend of mine started to talk about her fears over 2012 and the prophecy of the end of the world I have been thinking about it and just what it might be like, how it would end, what I might do in the situation and various things like that. However you have to understand, I am a sceptic, I really do not believe in the whole doomsday things. I do not feel it is all another Y2K or anything like that, to be fair it is built on the back of some well researched and balanced theory, but for me, all the best conspiracies are built this way, it is what gives them legs.

However this page of is dedicated to me casting my mind to that last day on earth. If it is true and on the 31st of December 2012, the world will end, then what will I be doing, how will I spend that last day. 

I would have to start the day with a full and proper, greasy spoon, English breakfast. I think that although I love all forms of food, and love excellent high end food, it would have to be a proper fry up that would be my last meal. After that I would just try and fill my day with experiences that remind me of the wonderful life I have led. So I would have to spend some time in a hotel, after all that has been my working life. I would also have to go to Highbury, kick a ball against the wall, and spend a moment remembering those wonderful boys in red and white. At that moment I could die happy.

The last song I would listen to is a really hard one to say, when I actually die I already know what music I want at my funeral, however on the last day of planet earth, one song I would have to listen to, at some point, is a bit naff, Ce La Vie by B’witched, please don’t laugh, but that song will always remind me of my daughter and always makes me smile, so I would have to hear it on the last day. But in the end, my last song would have to be something by Madness, anything by the Nutty Boys, at least I know I would then leave smiling.

Of course if it was all to end, then like nearly everyone in the world I would want to be with every member of my family, that goes without saying, I would want to hold them, kiss them, and most of all laugh with them, but for the sake of this page on my site I am going to write it as if for some reason I was on my own somewhere.

So what else would I want to do on my last day on the planet, just before the end of the world. Eat food, play football, dance to Madness, if that were it, I would be happy, but if I was being greedy, then perhaps I would add a few more things, and as this is only fantasy, I would wish to kiss Alesha Dixon, Myleen Klass and Kelly Brooke, while having a kick-about with Dennis Bergkamp, and drinking coke. Only a fantasy, but feck it, it would be fun.

One thing for sure that I would not do is switch on either my phone or my laptop, while I like both and spend a vast amount of time using both, they would be things I could very well do without. So perhaps the only way they would play a part in my final day would be a quick ceremony of smashing them both into millions of bits.

As for where I would want to be, yeah that is simple. I may have been born in Dublin, but my last place on earth would have to be N5 North London, Highbury and Ashburton Garden, so maybe in the garden of Highbury Square, that would be a great place to finish up. If I were overseas then it would have to be Cuba, if I were there I know I would die with a big smile on my face.

It is funny but writing this page has been quite hard, it is exceptionally difficult to even imagine a last day, never mind one based on the last day of earth. If I were say just leaving the UK to go and live overseas and I had a “last day” in London, I would want to do some of these things, and if I was having a last day because I as an individual was dying then I would want to do some of these things, but in both cases I imagine it would be different. To actually live through the last day of the planet that would be quite something, but in truth I feel that I would be one of those who just did not believe it, and that there would in fact be a tomorrow.


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