Laughter is an orgasm triggered by the intercourse of sense and nonsense
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Laughter is such a wonderful thing and I just have to have a section of dedicated to laughing. Of all the separate aspects of my life to date the one thing I could never live without is laughter, it is a drug, an addiction, an energy that supports my very being, and no aspect of my life can be devoid of a good old giggle, or a full on belly laugh.

In some ways I really wish I could have had the skill of telling jokes, my brother Shane was always the better joke teller, while I was perhaps the better story teller. For me I just could never remember the really good jokes, but always had a knack of only remembering the really bad jokes. One of my life’s ambitions is to do stand up in the westend, if even just once I really want to do it, I have it listed on my “50 before 50” list, so I guess I will have to find an open mic and just have a go.

They say telling a joke is all in the timing, and in my weird mind I really.....don’t thing I have a .....problem there, so maybe it is something I could do. I guess I will only know when I try it, all I have to do now is find some decent material, remember it, and go out and just do it.

But for now I will just continue to build and build this area of my site, have a laugh doing it, wear a smile on my face, and enjoy the pleasure of laughter. I hope you do too.


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