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My Creative side

My Creative side:

2008 will not go down for me as a year that I was very creative, it does not really have much in the way of creative achievement. For one reason and another this was a year that in some ways I backed away from. Okay so certain things happened in my life that effected me in a negative way, and in most cases that is for me both understandable and acceptable, but with such little creativity in the year, now that I am a reflective mood and looking back on the year, it is quite sad.

The creative highlight has to be, this is something I have been thinking about, talking about, for quite some time. And now finally here it is. An ever evolving page of me, of my life, my thoughts and it is up, working, and growing slowly.

I think in some ways the later stages of 2008, from a creative point, were filled with me working on my website, but looking back I also think that the last 3 months of the year have sown some seeds for 2009. I can see some things starting next year that will be very creative, and I think will give me a whole lot of satisfaction. And maybe that is the point, sometimes things take a little more time, maybe as one gets that bit older, the creative stuff needs a little bit more thought and planning.

So far for next year I am thinking about two main areas for my creative needs, one will be photography, I plan to buy a good camera, possible a Nikon D90, and the second thing, well that will be painting, as in art. No I am neither a photographer or an artist, yes I have snapped a picture, and yes I have painted the odd (very odd) painting, but in 2009 I plan to do both, maybe even mixing the two together. But certainly that will feed my creative needs. The other thing I may do a little more of, something I have been doing in the past weeks, is baking. I love to cook, but there is something very fulfilling about baking a cake, something extra than just cooking a meal.

So I certainly hope that 2009 is a better creative year, and it will be a real focus for me to add that in to my life for this year. 2008 was not a bad year for that, but also it was not certainly my best year, below average, but with the launch of this website at least some ever lasting came out of it. 


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