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My Cooking

My beautiful mum was quite a cook, and it was from watching her I guess that my late found love of cooking was evolved. I don’t get to cook nearly as much as I would like, and maybe it will only be when I finally have the balls to open my own restaurant that I will really get to live the dream. But for now cooking plays an exceptionally useful part in my life as a de-stressor, a wonderful way of helping me relax.

I am the sort of cook that likes to experiment, in some ways I have to try something different, and therefore sometimes really do get it very wrong, but fortunately most times get it quite wonderfully right. Also as a cook I do tend to like the bigger, stronger flavours, I would like to learn subtle, but have never really found myself looking for it. And certainly my biggest weakness is sometimes not knowing quite when to stop. When I was on MasterChef, I think I used more than 20 flavours in one plate of food, and maybe that is where I go wrong.
On this section of my website, I have listed out some of my favourite receipts, okay so with some you may have to play around with, some work for me but would just not be right for others, some suggestions are really just ideas and I hope from them you might get an idea or inspiration. Equally some are just a way for me to keep them alive as they are meals from my past and my childhood.

My philosophy in the kitchen is very much if you like what you use to cook then with balance you will like what you create, and for me cooking should all be about the creation. Yes the ingredients are vital, yes the process and technique are important, but when I cook it has to be about the creation, the ideation. Tesco can provide quick and easy, so can the chip shop, kebab shop or pizza place, but for me when I cook I want to create something never before done, well never before by me.

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