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Ministry of Food

Ministry of Food

I love to cook, always have, and I certainly hope always will. For me there is something quite relaxing about cooking. And when I have really pushed myself, and cooked on TV or for large groups, while it is also a little stressful it is also really cool and relaxing in a twisted sort of way. Yes I am one of those who believe we should all know how to cook and what the basic secrets are.

In my view the overall basic secret of cooking is this, just enjoy it. I love to try things, and I guess you would say my style of cooking is a little bit akin to Marmite, you will either love it or hate it. But I have no idea why that is the way I prefer it, but my guess would be it has something to do with not being able to read, hating to be told what to do, and generally liking the idea of just being that little bit different. A good example of this is when I cooked Roquefort Ice Cream on TV, I had no idea what I was doing, but loved the idea of doing something so different, and even then I read my own recipe wrong!

But now I see that celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is trying to encourage people to be able to cook, and even Gordon Ramsey is joining him in his own way with a join-along cook show. And this is really good, more people should know how to cook the basics, and from that learn how to enjoy cooking, and therefore more enjoy real food.

But here is the thing, the “Ministry of Food” is the name of Jamie’s show, great name, but what about the real ministry, what about the government, what are they doing, why does it take a TV chef to highlight this, to push this to promote exactly what the government should be doing. Why is it that a TV chef can actually make a living from having a go at the government about something as basic and fundamental to the nation as food and cooking. This is just the wrong way round. The government should be the ones who are using the chef’s not the other way round. Or is it that we have actually become a society that is led by TV. So maybe we should also have a Ministry of Television as well as a Ministry of Food.

My mum was a teacher, she was also a great cook, and she would insist that all her children knew how to do the required things in the kitchen, so why then is it today that we need celebrities, albeit great chefs to do what it was that our mum’s did in the past, what has happened to that. Just what are parents doing these days, or is it that the question should be what are the kids of today doing?


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