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Me & TV

Me & TV

Ever since I started messing around on TV there are certain goals I have had, certain types of shows I have wanted to experience, most of them I have already done, but a proper quiz show, a show whereby I could win a cash prize is one I have not yet done. And this was meant to be the year where that happened. But surprise surprise that section of TV is very competitive and exceptionally difficult to get involved in. I guess it is because of the money involved, people do actually make these shows a career, or at least a secondary job, I have met these people, but for me I just want the experience of the show and really need to find a way past the auditions.

I have applied for a few shows this year, but for some reason not got pasted the audition, maybe I really do have a great face for radio, maybe I don’t have that good a personality after all, but I really want to try and find a way to tick off this box and do one of these sort of shows, I just think it would be really great fun.

Earlier this year I signed up to a website called, it is just one of the ways the production companies find people, it has given me a few leads, but not yet resulted in any airtime. But I guess it has to be done and I guess I have to keep focussed on it if I am to find the next TV experience. There are a few shows on TV I would like to experience, some I know I can’t ever do because they are just too high profile, The Apprentice and Big Brother, a few are just far to silly and just want you to look or act too silly, so those also need to be avoided, but for next year I do want to find something new, something a little different and to get those experiences. As I have said over and over, it is not about being on the telly, it is just about the experience of making the show, it really is quite fascinating, and really good fun.

I know I would like to do another cooking show, and I know I want to do a quiz show, but after that I really have no idea just what else I would like to do, or what I would be willing to do. Earlier this year I did what is known as a pilot show, that experience was cool, it was really good and with really nice people, yes it was a little silly, but I really enjoyed it, however when they asked me to be on the real show, I just did not fancy it, thought I would be made to look too silly, and anyway I had already gotten the experience from the pilot so I pulled away.

So 2008 was a quite year for me and my TV experiences, maybe that is not a bad thing, but next year I do want to do something, so if by any chance you are a TV producer and you are looking for someone with a great face for radio, but definitely up for the experience please get in touch.


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