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MasterChef Goes large

MasterChef goes large           

Was this show my TV highlight or my worst TV experience? Well in truth it was both, for it was certainly the one that has left me with the most regrets, but also it was the one that was clearly the best experience, it was possible the one that meant the most, and certainly it was the one that I have had the most comment and feedback on. Still today I have people mention that they saw me on the show, and that I was robbed. For the record I do feel I should have got through to the next stage, I genuinely believe I was better than at least one other person, but it was not to be, so I have to judge it all based on what I did do.

My cooking on the day was average, it was all well cooked, tasted really good, and looked okay. But here is where the regrets start to come in, why did I cook what I did, why was it I could not see past the one thing I did cook, why was it I became so blinkered. And here again I think the answer starts with the waiting around. TV shows make you wait and wait and wait, and in the case of this show it was possible the most waiting I have ever done. Yes it did my head in, and maybe even beat me.

The other contestants were a nice bunch, one was highly competitive, but he blew it, and one was the sweetest genius I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She went all the way to the final, and was for me the star of this years show. A very special young woman and quite frankly a superb cook. The production people was great, they were very helpful and supportive, they had a job to do and you have to respect that, but still remained really friendly. One disappointment were the two famous judges, not in regard to their judging but I think it would have been nice for them to have said hello before the cooking started, and I really wish we could have got a picture with them as a keepsake from the day.

Since the day I have thought up so many things I wished I had cooked, I have run through what I had to pick from and thought of so many things I could and should have tried. And yes I would absolutely kill for a second chance. On the day there are so many weird and wonderfully strange things that happen, but for the sake of all those who have yet to experience MasterChef it is not for me to spoil it, but because of one thing that surprised me I have to say my respect for the two judges really went up. I don’t think I would want to put in my mouth what those two gentlemen do and so credit where credit is due.

My one real and special moment from the show, which in the end was not shown on the final show, was when one judge invented his own word for my food. It had not known if it was fusion, Asian, European or what, it had not known if I got the plate done by luck or judgement, it was a Paul creation and so the word “Paulean” was invented. It means a mad and crazy mix of copious ingredients that in the end form a very tasty plate of food. And for me that will do nicely, that is the reward I took from this adventure and I loved it. Thank you Shine, you gave me a special moment.


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