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Madness BRIT Award

Madness for an "Outstanding Contribution To Music" Brit Award

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On Facebook there are a number of groups dedicated to one thing, one subject, and so when I started a group a while ago I guess I was not too surprised to see that someone had already started one and was growing it quite well. However that did not stop me, and so I created a group dedicated to getting a BRIT award for my favourite band, Britain’s best band, Madness. The Nutty Boys have been getting us up on our feet for over 30 years now, and it is only right that such a monumental group deserve such recognition.

It is fair to say that Madness are my band, they are the soundtrack to my life, they are the one band that have always been on my iPod, and whenever I have felt down, playing any Madness record has always picked me up. The fairground sound, the fun, the laughter of their music just does it for me every time. It is not just the fact that they have been creating and playing for over 30 years, it is also the fact that the ebb of their creations seem to mirror various stages of my life. When Madness went off the boil a bit and released some songs that at the time seemed lacking or down-beat, it reflected that time, that time in my life as well. It was almost like I did not need my Madness fix and they knew it. But then over the last year when I have seriously needed a Madness fix along came the Liberty of Norton Folgate and life just picked up, a spring in my step was generated by the spring in the music of this wonderful creation of Nutty Boy music.

But Madness are not just about the music, it is the amazing creativity that also really appeals to me. Some say the group were right at the cutting edge of the music video, what is now called the MTV generation. I am not sure about that, I am not a music history expert, but what I do know is that when you sit and watch the TV show about the Liberty of Norton Folgate you know you are watching something no other band could, or have, ever done. It was pure nutty class. Equally I remember with great affection the Madness musical. Called “Our House” it was a west end show which told a story of life in North London, set to the music of the North London Nutty Boys, and I have to say it was superb. I have it on video and have watched it quite a few times. I remember going to the show and trying so hard to not get up and dance and dance. It was so hard, almost impossible.

So please if you are on Facebook, look for the group and join, everyone is welcome.


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