A fine quotation is a diamond on the finger of a man of wit, and a pebble in the hand of a fool

Love Is

Love is……

two people sharing one heart.

feeling each others heart beat.

washing his sports togs.

a slow dance, together.

letting him drive with hood down.

seeing his face everywhere.


making him notice you.

a sigh.

being attached by his magnetic personality.

carefully combining his hair over thinning patch.

making pancakes on Saturday morning.

putting up with his occasional stubble.

hurrying to get home – knowing he’ll be there.



sitting up all night a sick child.

when your future is crystal clear.

looking forward to “apres ski”.

finding he has a high “kissability” factor.

like music to your ears.

taking her home safely.

bring out the best in each other.

walking the dog, together.

the reason we’re here on earth.

having his picture on your desk and your love in his heart.

letting her take over the bathroom.

what causes you to lose your concentration.

willing him to call you.

being a good neighbour.

not letting her down.

when “cold feet” are a cure for snoring.

sending her a “love fax”.


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