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My London Ideas

London Ideas.....

As I have said before London is my home town by choice, I love the city and all it has to offer. Yes of course there are parts of it, aspects of it that I would love to change, to fix, to enhance, there are aspects of other world cities that I think should be adapted and instilled into London, and so here on my site, PaulKavanagh.com, I am going to explain and publish my London ideas.

Some of them are logical, and of course me being me, some are downright silly, but there is nothing wrong in silliness sometimes, after all I am sure someone once said the distance between genius and insanity is only a fraction. And I am sure when someone once said the earth is not flat that those around him thought he too was being a bit silly or maybe insane.

Every four years when the mayoral election comes round I think to myself I should run for the office, I may not be the most qualified, after all I have no political experience, nor am I likely to get any, and I certainly have no idea just how the whole thing works, but I possible care more for the city than either the previous mayor or the current one does. My difference is that I would not be in it for political gain, or for party political reasons. I would do it for London, and for the overall betterment of the greatest city on earth. However it is unlikely to ever happen, so I can just go on, free to publish my ideas, and leave the real silliness to Ken or Boris.

London is a diverse city, it enjoys a vast wealth of cultures and has been influenced by so much and by so many. It has a host of various areas that differ from each other drastically, yet there is an overall London. Working in hotels has shown me very clearly the wonder with which people see our city, yes they too moan about the costs of travel, how packed the Tube is, but they also love to ride in a Black cab or an old fashioned Red bus, and like me, they love to walk London. But all that does not mean we cannot add to the wonder of London, and here on this section of my site I will list them out.

My ideas range from the creation of a more “cafe” culture areas, to greater use of the River and my own version of the fountains of Barcelona, to ideas that just make London a fairer place to live. In the main my ideas are more for Londoners to enjoy and benefit from, but also understand that a greater London is more enjoyable for the millions of visitors.


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