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London Bars

London Bars

1.      Harlem Notting Hill, Central London

Harlem is cool, there''s no attitude and nobody makes a big thing out of it. This place is one of those local restaurants that make London cool. Once inside you are hit by the buzz of a crowd laughing and generally having a really good time. The food was very good and quite cheap for the potions.

2. The Grenadier, Hyde park corner, central London

Lesson of the day – never cheat. One unlucky officer was caught cheating at cards and subsequently flogged to death. His ghost now haunts the Grenadier keeping a watchful eye on the pubs patrons. Now a fantastic place to go for Sunday lunch, but book in advance as the dining room is small.

3. The Met Bar, London

When it first opened in 1997, this sultry night time haunt became a byword for cool, answering a sophisticated need for privacy and energy, in a space reserved for hotel guests and members only. Interiors are clad in decadent red leathers, waiters in custom-made Armani. Bar staff - called 'mixologists' at the Met - create bespoke Martinis while headline DJs spin London's lounge sounds. The bar that single-handedly launched the craze for checking out hotel bars all over London, the Met has seen more stories and more A-list celebs than you can count.
From the early evening until 10.45pm, enjoy a Nobu bento box. Later into the night, until 2.30am, graze on fresh crab and papaya tian with coriander oil or aromatic duck pancakes with Hoi Sin sauce, all featured on the Met Bar Snack menu.

4. Genevieve At Lonsdale House, Notting Hill London

Sure you might see a celeb, but they'll look mighty odd through the bottom of your martini glass. Quick, get another cocktail! This place is a great blend of glam and informal, attracting locals and long-distance travellers, cocktail afficionados and newbies alike. Stick to the menu, or on a quiet night get the award-winning, charming mixologists to test something out on you. Oh and food is tasty as hell and although it looks small is actually the right amount. Surely there isn't anywhere better in London?

5. The Champion, Hyde Park London
Traditionally a gay pub, the Champion was refurbished in 2004 and has thrown open its doors to everyone. With Hyde Park just minutes away, The Champion is the perfect summer destination and offers a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of nearby Notting Hill. The Champion's ‘secret garden features an an outside seating area, reminiscent of a Greek taverna.

6. 43 South Molton Street, London

What to make of this sprawling venue combining chic London street style with eccentric country manor glamour? A four-floor member’s club, bar and restaurant set in a beautiful old West End building, the interiors by fashion designer Russell Sage say everything about its stylish weirdness: the café and restaurant on the ground floor resembles a hardware store with shelves packed with light bulbs, Marmite and Coleman’s mustard and clothing, while an upper floor trophy room is packed with stag horns, stuffed animals and oil paintings.

7. Zen Lounge Mayfair London Town

Hip and trendy Mayfair spot for a moneyed London fashion and music crowd. It might be all Buddhist in its themes, with an eastern-tinged menu and lush Oriental décor, but it’s its more in tune to the metropolitan art of alcohol madness than to Karma, Zen and the art of motorcycles. Doormen keep a keen eye on the dress of those coming in and saffron robes seemed to be a no-no. But so what if the Dalai Lama couldn’t get in? You pay to be a style bar player and these like-minded poseurs in suits and Versace love to hang together. Drinks are pricey but pack a punch, music includes some funky soul and RnB and we suggest you keep an eye out for minor celebs from the music and fashion worlds. Hold on, who let that monk in?

8. Kingly Club, London Town

Oliver Reed and Peter O’Toole used to frequent this Kingly Court hot spot in the 60s - back when it was called the Pinstripe Club. With that kind of pedigree it should be no surprise that it’s once again serving fine drinks and food (not that messrs Reed and O’Toole had much time for nosh) to another high end crowd. This time it goes by the name of the Kingly Club, an exclusive members-only spot with some spectacular interiors that include aquarium-lined walls, designer bathrooms and an elegant glass bar behind which staff mix up the old classics and modern creations. Members dine on fine Japanese cuisine in the restaurant and the drink of choice seems to be vintage champagne. Order a glass of Dom 59 and drink to Mr Reed and the new Pinstripe.

9. The Mayfair Club, London Town

Queen Victoria’s ladies-in-waiting used to come here, in fact the Mayfair club has been entertaining London society since. A members only club, the main bar has tables where the idea is to share a bottle of spirits with friends – in fact less of an idea, more of a necessity as the minimum cover charge for a table of four is £350 – excluding tips! Upstairs there are two rooms and a bar– again it’s expected you’ll be carrying lots of cash. The domed clubroom is the main dance floor and it’s sumptuously decorated, but are podium dancers classy? The jury is still out as to whether the Mayfair deserves its inclusion, money doesn’t always mean good taste.

10. Beach Blanket Babylon, Notting Hill, London

The dungeon-like restaurant here serves so-so Mediterranean food (don't you have nightmares like that?) and the wild bar prices don't appeal to many. That said, it's in a good location and the crowd all seem to be eyeing each other up, which breaks the ice. Stunning Gothic interior and loopy garden greenery at least make this place different. The place has recently been refurbished and looks amazing!


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