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London 2012: The Olympic games

I have to start this off by declaring I am one of those totally in favour of the London games, I simply can’t wait for it. As I write this we are at the late stages of Beijing, and of course the buzz of all those Gold medals as just added to my anticipation. I think the success of these games for Team GB will only add to the excitement and saleability of the London games.

Yes I know people have been effected in a bad way by the games, businesses and individuals have been dislodged, but in the main I think the greater good for the whole country outweighs the negatives.  And yes I understand this is a selfish view because it is not me having to move to make way for an Olympic village or velodrome. But I still can’t wait for 2012. Once the hand over takes place this weekend, then I think we will start to see the promotion of London 2012, the selling of the city will start to really take off, and here again is a little downside, because I feel London 2012 may be one of the most commercial games of all time. And for me, this is sport not business.

As for the business side, well I am a hotelier, my current hotel is only a javelin  throw from an Olympic venue at Hyde Park, and also a Chris Hoy cycle sprint from Horse Guards, so for me they will be right on the door step, and of course it is fair to expect quite a few weary Olympic travellers coming to the city, so business will be good. However for me the London 2012 games will all be about the event, my love of sport, my love of London and being able to live through such a world event in my hometown.

In my list of 50 things to do before I am 50, I have listed one as competing at London 2012, and maybe I can use my Irish connection as a route to that goal, but failing that, I am determined to do two things at the games, one is to be at the opening ceremony, and the other is to do some volunteer work at the games, to play my part in this superb event. For me to compete at the games I think I need to find a sport, any sport, that Ireland does not do, get good at it and then enter that way. Yes I know that is a very simplistic view, even a little disrespectful to the dedicated Olympians of the past, but on the other hand, the Olympic games are meant to inspire participation and I am inspired to participate. 

These pages of my site will be my views and thoughts on the games as we build up to them, and if I am successful to be a volunteer then I can use the site to post a sort of insiders view on the whole thing. To have a diary of that, online, really appeals to me.

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