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Life After Stoke

Life After Stoke

Reading my newspaper this morning it appears that for any Arsenal fan life after Stoke is nothing but doom and gloom, for us the season is over, Arsene will be leaving, the team is rubbish, we have no clue how to win, every player, and even every fan is up against each other and the future is bleak, sad, and pointless. Ahh there is nothing like a bit of good old British over reaction to start me off on a rant of my own.

Yes the results against Stoke and Spurs were not good, yes the facts do remain that we are missing something, and yes other teams are at this moment doing a bit better than we are. But hold up a second here, United are still behind us and they are supposed to be the best team on the planet, and, those above us are not exactly roaring away. Liverpool lost to Spurs after all, or put another way, Liverpool lost to the club at the bottom of the league.

I am someone who looks at Arsenal with red tinted glasses, the glass is always half full with me. However I can see the faults, I do think we need a centre half to play alongside Kolo, I would have loved Kompany, but we missed out on him, but yes Arsenal do need a Tony Adams type player in that role. I also think we need a player for central midfield, I do really rate Denilson, Diaby, and Song, each one I feel is better than Flamini, or at least will be, but for me they are all too similar in some ways and lacking the one thing we need. Presence. Arsenal need a player like Vieira, we need a player that would allow the rest to play.

Earlier this season, at the time we were written off by everyone and his dog, I mentioned the positives about the Arsenal, they are many. I do believe we have the best two full backs, the best single midfielder in Cesc, and an exceptionally potent forward line, but even that is not enough if they are not allowed to do their thing.

I love Mr Wenger, I respect the way his does things, he is now more Mr Arsenal than anyone, however he does appear to me that he has a blind spot to certain skills. The physical element of the game is one, Goalkeepers another, and maybe certain elements of a proper centre half. However he does insist on us playing a certain way, that way cost us against Spurs with the last two goals they scored, but we love that way and so we must all reach the conclusion that as with every thing in life, balance is what is required. We just need to shift it 1% towards defence, 1% towards common football, 1% towards the ugly stuff and I believe we would be seriously better off.

I have said on my website that I do believe that Arsenals season will end with a silver lining, and yes I do fully retain that view, I still believe we have too many great things for that not to happen, however I can also predict this, next summer two Arsenal players will be the talk of the tabloids with regards to transfers, that much is for sure, so Cesc if you ever read this, you better win the CL this season because it is the only chance you will get with the Arsenal.


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