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Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead

I have to start this piece by saying I am not really one for this type of computer game, my addiction, when it comes to games is Championship Manager, but I was struck by all the advertising for and the game itself Left 4 Dead. I was driving into London from my home and started to notice all the billboards with Left4Dead and, and in the end counted 12 in total, which equates to one every mile of my journey. Now don’t read me wrong here, I have nothing against advertising, nor do I have any real objection to this type of game, however what really struck me was volume of advertising in such a short journey.

You see I keep hearing that we are in an economic downturn, that the world will end soon and everyone will be out of work, houses will all be repossessed, food will cost an arm and a leg, and broken Britain will be swamped by knife and gun crime. And while I know that sounds like potentially the theme of a computer game, it does make me wonder just where the money coming from to return the investment of this product and all that advertising.

The point I am trying to make here is this, if we are in such an economic mess, just what is it that will have to be sacrificed, what is it in life that the masses will do without, what will the people first give up to makes ends meet. It is fair to guess that chocolate, cigarettes, a beer, are things that never seem to see a drop, and a trip around my local Tesco seems to indicate that it is not the weekly shop, nor would it be things like Sky TV or home entertainment, so just what is it that people will choose to do without. Or is it that the economy is not quite as bad as the media and the state want us to believe.

One area that does appear to be hurting is the car industry, I keep reading about car sales, even a buy-one-get-one-free offer, and thousands of pounds coming of the price of a new car. My own car company who sold me my car two years ago are mailing me one offer after another at the moment. Discount after discount, and I have to say that if it keeps up then maybe the day will come where by the petrol companies will be giving a free car to customers who only buy petrol from their stations, in a similar way to Mobile Internet Providers and laptops.

One thing that really confuses me with the whole credit crunch situation is the core element of it, the thing that my uneducated brain is told is at the centre, the situation where by the banks will not lend to one another. That they themselves do not have the confidence to lend money to another bank for fear of never getting it back. How weird is that, if this is the problem, and if all our problems are solved by this lending taking place, then why not just do it. Also I thought the Bank of England was already lending billions of our pounds to these banks so why was it not with the condition of them having to lend it on.

Okay so all this is really starting to do my feeble mind in, so maybe I will just do my bit, and go out and buy Left4Dead, a quick visit to, hand over my cash, and spend the next few weeks chopping bits off zombies or shooting my rocket launcher at gangs of killer monsters, lock myself away in a darkened room with my console and wait for the crunch to be over. Maybe Left4Dead is infact the perfect solution to all our problems afterall.  

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