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Lady Landfill

Lady Landfill...Safe Trip Home

On my TV last night one of the adverts told me to Google “Lady Landfill”, so first thing this morning I did, and what do I find but a series of four one minute video’s of depressing places around the world, all of which I have been too already and some wishy-washy Dido music that all sounds virtually the same. Yes it adds the strap line “safe trip home” and also “coming soon” just to keep me hooked, to keep my interest. But, and this is a very big but, will I ever go back to see what happens next, will it take another advertisement to remind me to visit Lady Landfill again as it follows up. Or for me is that it, that is the one and only chance for whoever is behind this to communicate with me, did they do enough to hook me in. I doubt it somehow.

The reason I write this, is that as someone who has been selling things around the world, for many years, and using copious ways of doing do, I love to look at all the new ideas and gimmicks that today’s marketing person tries. I know about the new world of e-marketing, things like YouTube video, Facebook and community based marketing, the sort of slow burner ads that promise so much and can really work for certain types of product. Yes it is new, but in some ways it is also quite obvious, for all they are doing is throwing it out there and hoping it sticks. The advertising company will tell you that it is highly targeted, it is reaching a very set demographic and it is achieving the desired result. However if that is so then why am I looking at it, for I am willing to bet I am not part of that specific target group, no one wants to talk to a middle-aged, middle class guy, we are not commercially interesting.

The main point I am making here, the relevant to Paul Kavanagh and his world is this, over the years while working in hotels I have seen so much marketing pennies being spent by companies that is totally wasted. I don’t know how many times I have heard the line, “oh we tried that and it didn’t work” when looking at an idea for something, and so that is dismissed, but doing so without ever knowing why it did not work, was every element of the process followed. I remember working for a hotel group that had spent thousands on their website, building, pictures, web-marketing, optimisation, everything possible, but had not generated any bookings, the reason was they did not have the facility for a user to make a booking, but had not thought of that. So all the other work was both pointless, and wasted. But also every decision made after about what did or did not work was flawed because they had no real way of knowing if it would has sold bedrooms or not.

So with Lady trip home, I wonder to myself are we just at the start of something, is this another “if you see Sid” type of thing, or is it just that someone out there thought this would be cool, cutting edge, fresh and now, convinced the bill payer and off they went and did it. But in a years time will we all know who Lady Landfill was? Did she get home safe? And did we care? Or will it be something that someone tried, but it did not work, maybe even something like the Ministry of Food, where at somepoint it does mean something valuable but never really takes hold.   


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