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Immigration in the UK


Of course I have to start this by saying I am an economic migrant. I came from Ireland to make for myself a better life. I have always described it as “Dublin by birth, London by choice” and today see myself as a Londoner, more than an Irishman. I am proud of my roots, of where I come from, of the part it plays in who I am, but I am also just as proud of being a Londoner.

However copious issues regarding the subject of immigration really do miff me off. Why are English people never allowed to be English? Why is any mention of immigration seen as being racist ? Why is it wrong for an English person to be English, but okay for a scot to be dam proud of Scotland. My Mum was English, she left for love, but in some ways because of her I too found myself to be very drawn to England. But it really irritates me that for some it is either a crime, or a sin, to be white, English and proud of it.

Now before you read anymore, and start to think this is the ramblings of some wannabe English racist, you have to understand that I am very pro immigration, I believe it is very positive for this land. There is a reason that England is the first choice of so many and that is because this is England, a land of understanding, and hope. But the balance needs addressing, and quickly.

In my work, in the hotel industry, working with, living alongside and hosting people from all over the planet is something we do. Everyday in every hotel it is almost impossible to not some into contact with someone from another country. This is just one of the wonderful aspects of hotel life. But equally it is also somewhere that you see a reason why Britain needs overseas workers. Hotels need the workers. However it is also where you see the downside of their lives. 

If I had any control I would force, or if I could give just one piece of advice to someone coming to England, it would be this, learn the language, and learn it quick. I have seen so many people trapped behind their lack of English, good people, hard working and honest people, stuck doing a dead end job because they are stuck without the ability to speak English. And for the record, the PC brigade, who spend millions of pounds, forcing the use of translators on public services, you are the most culpable, by pandering to the lazy ones you are feeding the entrapment.

I do believe that everyone should have the equal right to celebrate who they are, and where they come from. Irish, Angolan, Indian, Polish, where-ever, and therefore by definition so to do the English. Moreover, I believe that we foreigners should also celebrate being Londoners, or British, because this is now the land we should or do call home.

The government must start to address this issue, it must find a way to debate it without all the name calling, it really must find a way to listen to the majority, and more so when the feedback could be misunderstood. An English person blaming “illegal’s” for an increase in crime is a perception, and one created by government, because it is government who created the illegal’s.  Britain will always be a nation of diversity, it will also be multi-cultural, but that does not mean it cannot be culturally diverse and unified. It does not have to mean separatist. It can be a United Kingdom as long as everyone can be who they are.    


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