I am a part of all that I have met and all I have met is a part of me.

I’m a PC


I’m a PC

The idea of living your life in this way, the idea of I’m a PC a life without walls, is very appealing to me, as I am sure it is to many others, however reality is that even the freest spirit, the person with the most relaxed view on life must have some walls, and possible even likes those few they have. I believe it is a part of man to want some protection, and the walls give that protection.

I do however like these ads as they have made me think about the various walls I have in my life. In the main my walls are perhaps more to do with others and the chosen responsibilities I have in who and what I am. Yes it was me who made the choice to have those responsibilities and so the needs for walls had to follow, and I am comfortable with both those choices and the walls. As I have said many times on this site I am a very happy person and someone who is in the main exceptionally happy with my life.

I do sit and wonder about the concept of living my life wall free. A life of absolutely no boundaries. I wonder where it would take me, what would I do with the freedom, how long would I survive. It is interesting because if you follow the train of thought on this it is very hard not to find yourself constantly inside some set of walls. They always seem to be there regardless, even in my imagination.

I know throughout my life I have ventured outside my walls, jumped over a few, knocked one or two out of the way and even stayed outside a little longer than I should, but for me two thoughts occur, one how much I enjoyed my time outside, and two, how easily I came back inside. Maybe therefore as far as this advertisement is concerned, my variation should be not I’m a PC, but more I’m a PK, and so I can have my own version of the meaning. That being that being someone who proclaims to live outside the walls is just kidding themselves if they look deep enough, but for me, to be someone who both wants and does pop outside every now and again has possible got it just about spot on.

Maybe I should therefore start a Facebook group dedicated to those of us who are not really PC’s, but prefer to be PK’s. Then again that would just be me fitting into a new set of walls. PaulKavanagh.com is me peeping over the walls, I am certainly not knocking any down with my website, but perhaps unlike so many I am just by publishing my pages, my thoughts, peeping over and showing the wall-less that I to can live and that I to have lived. Yes I am certain now that a life with some walls is not for me, but a life that both allows and encourages me to step outside is what suits me best. So I therefore conclude I’m a PK and Bill can keep his PC world, it sounds to me like a life of delusion.   


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