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If I were a woman

Getting in touch with my feminine side

On Facebook I noticed that a friend of mine had taken a quiz on the site to find out what type of woman she was, it was just a simple FB quiz with a dozen questions, and I guess used some small element of something like psychometric testing to produce the end result. So of course I just had to follow suit and take the test myself. Okay so the questions were a tad strange for a guy to answer, but simple really. This is my result:

“Wow, you are so tough! Other women admire you for this trait. They look up to you because you can keep up with the opposite sex. They want to have your athletic body, your strength and willpower. And every woman needs this - that's true. But you are unreachable. No guy could ever capture your heart. Maybe also because your heart got too hard. But don't exaggerate. Remember: You are a woman and woman reflect god's beauty and inner (emotional) strength, but not his physical strength. Show your beauty AND your strength! Sooner or later you will be in the know that inner power and self-confidence are more important in a woman's life than muscles. :) If you think you have to prove to the males that you are as strong as they are you will not only fail, you will recognize that it's completely senseless because this is not your destiny. Men have this little bullshit growing in their head that says they always have to be stronger than the other men. Don't descend to this level. You're more worth than that. BUT: The world needs strong women, womankind needs you! Establish your strengths in the right way.”

So if I was really in touch with my feminine side, or if somehow I could transform into a woman, then maybe this is the type of woman I would be. Interesting. But for me I really am not sure it really is. You see when I have been deep in thought and wondered just what it would be like to be a girl, I have always seen myself as a very girly girl, certainly not the rough and tumble tomboy this is suggesting.

You see for me girls have much more fun and freedom when it comes to clothes, work clothes, even for the more serious women, they appear to me to have more room for expression, there is far more variety than there is for a man. Maybe this is not always a good thing, but I do feel it is a fact of life. Moreover when the weekend comes a lady can transform herself into just about any creation she wishes to be, and then do something totally different the next day or next weekend, I like that.

Yes I know there is some downsides to being a girl, and yes of course there is upsides to being a man, but I do find that I think about transforming, I do wonder, and I would really like to experience it so I could maybe better understand the fairer sex.


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