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Hyde Park Towers

Hyde Park Towers Hotel

I have written about a number of the hotels I have worked at for, but a number of people have noticed that up to this point I have not done the Hyde Park Towers hotel. There is a very clear reason for that, for so long since I left the hotel I did not really know just how I felt about it, and when I have tried to write this page it has never quite come out as I expected or wanted.

You see I have some very mixed emotions and feelings about the hotel, about what was done, what was achieved and about so many of the people. Some people I thought of as friends, turned out not to be, some with whom I fell little affection turned out to be far more genuine and supportive. Also upon reflection, what I actually did there seems confused in my mind. Did I really do a decent job, did I do the right thing in leaving, why did I not go back, are just a few of the copious questions that swirl around my mind.

The fact is the hotel will always be my second favourite hotel that I have worked at, up to this point. It easily surpasses many of the others, although will never quite make it to the number 1 position in my heart that belongs to the Cumberland.

The main reason the hotel ranks so highly is not the results we achieved, albeit that under the circumstances they were quite amazing, nor will it be that the HPTH was my first GM position, it is not for all the enhancements we made or the wonderful creativity that we somehow instilled into the business, no, the reason why this hotel will always be in my heart is people. The staff at this hotel were, quite simply, the best. Rotten at their jobs, but truly wonderful people. Mind you that said, if you run a London hotel and you want to employ the best potential Reception Manager, get in touch and I will tell you her name, without question, this hotel employs a genuine future Acorn Award winner, a young lady of immense talent, who has no idea just how good she could be.

Writing on my site about others is not really something I ever planned to do, I think somehow it is a little unfair because I would never give them the right of reply, so as my old mum once said if you have nothing nice to say, then best say nothing! So yes there are five people I will not be mentioning. Five who spoke with forked tongue and were not true to their word, which was a real shame.

However in balance to those five there were so many others who I actually can say I really love. People who if they ever ask for my help will always get it. What is sad is that I am not sure they would all know who they were. Ce la vie. But to those that do know, all I would say is just ask and you shall receive.

The Hyde Park Towers hotel is one of those honest hardworking 3 star hotels that every city needs and quite a few have. It will never be the one you dream about staying at, it will never be the one that wins the award, but it will always be a hotel you remember staying at, and for good reasons too. The hotel has a heart, it was one of the friendliest hotels around, it had laughter, songs and gaiety. The staff cared, and not just for each other but for anyone who entered the family of the hotel. Okay so that changed a bit from 2008 when the hotel took that element for granted and tried to be more “profitable”, but still today, at its core, is a heart that beats strongly.

It is certainly not my place to talk about the future of the property, regardless of any reservations I may have, all I would say is that I genuinely wish it well and really hope it can reach the goal  it has set, all I hope for is that it remembers, real hotels are not about designers, names, brands, or stuff, real hotels are about people, people who care, who smile, who serve. Real hotels spend as much on the people as they do the bed, the furniture, the systems or the facade, real hotels are real because they are powered by real people, who really care.  


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