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Human Design

This is a report that was sent to me by a really special friend who is a specialist in what I like to call “fluffy” therapies, Now before any one bites my head off for calling them so, chill, it is a term of endearment. Okay so I do not fully understand them, not sure I would actually want to either, but I do find them interesting, challenging, thought provoking, and so for me, as a person they do have at least one real positive aspect. Anything that makes me think is a good positive thing.

This report is my personal “Human Design”. Some of it I don’t understand, too fluffy linguistically, some of it I do not agree with and some I find quite stimulating, but all of it I find really interesting. If you would like to know more about this kind of therapy, and others like it have a look at www.changeahead.biz and contact Penny, shes good, and she knows what she is talking about, she has the power to change your head, which is a pretty cool thing to be able to do.


• Projector

The Projector needs and desires recognition of their energetic perception; recognition or an invitation for a projector hooks up the Projector’s energy for expression. This Strategy when followed results in feeling validated, and, when not followed, results in feeling left out or bitter


Definition shows where you have a reliable, stable energy pathway always moving in your body. The Centers that are colored show where you have reliable energies always at work within you. Each Defined Center has its own nature with variations based on the Gates activated from that Defined Center. Activated Gates filter information coming in to the Center in a certain way for

you. A Defined Center, thus, tells you areas of stability and consistency of responses in your life. Centers that are not colored have no Filters and thus change with the experiences you have on a day-to-day, moment-to-moment, basis. By learning how you are Designed, i.e., what is Defined or not Defined in you, you have a map of how you operate in the world that shows you your true nature.

The Centers

The Centers correspond to Energetic Areas of the body akin to the Hindu Chakras and to the Sephirath in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. In Human Design we work with 9 Centers rather than the 7 of the Charkra system or 10 of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Descriptions of the main Energy Centers, their location in the body, and their functions in each of the Centers follow.

Out of 9 centres Paul Kavanagh only has 2 defined his splenic and his Root Centre

• The Splenic Center

An Awareness Center responsible for our immune functioning and well being in the world. It carries instinct, intuition, and taste which give us information for processing regarding what is healthy for our survival or not. A Defined Splenic Center operates in the present moment with a gentle non-verbal sense of what is healthy and good for us or not. If you have a Defined Splenic Center you can feel good and have the capacity to maintain that good feeling even when others around you do not feel good. If you have a Defined Splenic Center you are here to act in the Now and to be spontaneous since you know in the moment what is healthy and/or unhealthy for you. If you have an Undefined Splenic Center you are highly sensitive to others and to their feelings. The challenge is for you to know what your own vibration is and what your own experiences are and to not take on the feelings or vibrations of others. Also, avoid spontaneity since you are better off following your Strategy (see next chapter) and waiting for clarity from there.

• The Root Center

The Root Center is a Motor/Fuel Center as well as the Pressure Center of life itself. The Root energies set in motion the way your body and mind feel pressure and process the movement of energy through you. If you have the Root Center Defined, you feel the strong pressure of this Motor and you process activities in your life in line with your activated Gates. Because the Root

Center is a Pressure Center, it drives you and pushes for involvement. If you have an Undefined Root Center you do not have the pressure within you that creates stress so you may be taking stress on from others and feel pressure that is not yours. Living your Strategy (see next Chapter) prevents depression that comes from unnecessary pressure in all circumstances.


• The 2/5 Profile

An individual who protects their reputation and want things to be practical,

the call to be in the transpersonal world must seem a worthwhile commitment.


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