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Tuxedo Strawberries

How to Make Tuxedo Strawberries

These are sweet in every sense of the word, they look sweet and above all they taste sweet and yummy. They are simple to make and create a special pudding to end any dinner party.

·         1 lb. fresh strawberries

·         8 oz. semisweet chocolate chips

·         6 oz. white chocolate, broken into pieces

·         Small amount of neutral flavoured oil

·         Two saucepans

·         Colander

·         Paper towels

·         Wax paper

·         Cookie sheet

·         Stove

·         Toothpicks

Carefully rinse off strawberries in cool running water. Drain in colander. Pat strawberries dry with paper towels.

Cut a piece of wax paper big enough to cover the bottom of a cookie sheet. Set the covered sheet next to the stove.

Place the white chocolate pieces into one saucepan, and the semisweet chocolate chips into the other. Add a couple of teaspoons of oil to each pan. Set the semisweet chocolate chip mixture aside for now.

Heat the white chocolate over the lowest setting, stirring the oil and candy together to make a smooth mixture. Determine what side of each strawberry is the flattest, and dip that side into the white chocolate mixture. Place the dipped berries onto the wax paper, dipped side up.

Remove the white chocolate mixture while strawberries are cooling, and heat up the chocolate chips on the same stove burner. Blend until smooth.

Dip the strawberry on its sides, one at a time, leaving at least a 1/2 inch "v" of visible white chocolate in the middle of the flat side. This simulates a tuxedo jacket. Return the strawberry to the wax paper, white chocolate side up.

Take a toothpick, and carefully dot chocolate onto the white chocolate "v" to form a bow tie. Do this by making two small dots with a tiny one joining them in the middle. Add another tiny dot of chocolate beneath the tie to simulate a button if there is enough space to do so. Chill strawberries for a couple of hours and serve.


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