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Hotels I have worked at...

Hotels I have worked at...

As I have mentioned I am a hotelier and have worked at some very interesting and enjoyable hotels, plus also some real dumps. However as my mum once said, “if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing”, and so here I won’t ever mention those that for me deserve no compliment.

What makes a good hotel, what makes one stand above the rest, above its peers? It is the question that so many people have asked and so many have so many different answer for. Does size matter, is it all about location, is it the little things, maybe it is the attention to detail, technology is becoming a real factor, and for me I was brought up on “the 5 reasons to stay” as a hoteliers philosophy.

However over the years and especially looking back over those years, there is one thing that consistently stands out, something that seems to make one hotel a great hotel, and that is the people within the hotel. There is a adage, mainly in the sales world, “people buy people”, and maybe that is also true when it comes to a great hotel. A smile, a handshake, eye contact, recognition, someone using my name when I am a guest, but more than that, I think that great people create great energy, a great atmosphere, a culture that translates and lifts the building.

Maybe I should name check a few people here, but for now maybe not, but believe me when I say I have had the real pleasure of working with some amazing people. People who really cared, who had immense pride in who they are and what they did, and it showed. A lot of those people no longer work in my industry, but some do, and I really do understand why those who do leave do so. It can be hard, it can be consuming, and in a lot of cases it can be very stressful. Sometimes guests are not very nice people, and we are paid to just take it.

These pages of the site are not hotel reviews, it is not for me to say if you should stay in one hotel or the other, that is for you to decide, and these pages are of course more historical as they are about hotels I have worked at over the years, the many years. But what I hope they will give is a small insight into the highs and lows of hotels and hotel life.


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