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I am a hotelier, I have worked in hotels for far to many years and seen far too many things a person should not have to see. I have helped deliver a baby, I have lifted a dead man off the body of his much younger lover, dealt with a to z list celebrities, had success, and failure. I love hotel and love the life of working in a hotel, I love the things we know, the experiences we have in dealing with guests, I love the unknown that we can face on a daily basis.

Hotels & me do seem to go together quite well, I enjoy the element that hotel life usually means that you don’t have any other life, that this is one job where by 24 hours in a day just is not enough. Now please do not read me wrong on this, I am not saying it is the hardest job in the world, it is not even close, but because we are open and operating 24/7 then it is an ever moving environment, and just about anything can happen at any time. We trade and deal in peoples lives, we sell ourselves as a “home from home” and so anything that a person could do in their home can, and does, happen in a hotel.

I have worked in more than 13 hotels in central London, I have visited countless others, I have stayed in more than 50 London hotels and so reasonable know the city and its hotels. In total around the world I have spend more than 1500 nights in more than 500 hotels and have now worked in the wonderful things for over 25 years. I worked in my first hotel aged 12, and with the exception of the accounts department I have done, for at least one day, every individual job role that hotels have to offer.

In this section of my site I hope to build up a good set of unbiased reviews, some tips on how to buy rooms and in general just use my site to talk about something I love with all the passion I have.

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