Fake it, til you make it

Hotel Sex

This is the show most seen in the UK of all the ones I have done. Not because it was successful, or really high quality, but simply because it was timeless. Stories of the wonderful world of life inside a hotel bedroom is a pure timeless story, and the producers both knew that and knew how to film it as such. Therefore the show gets repeated and repeated and repeated, over and over again. It is now quite a bit down the list of cable channels, but I know it was on again only a few months ago.

I had been contacted by the production company as someone they should talk to. I had just left a hotel and was believing I would never again work inside one, I thought I was free. So when I was asked to dish the dirt, spill the beans on the shenanigans of what goes on, I thought, mistakenly, what a great fun way to bow out. I could have some fun, tell a few stories, and never have to regret it, it would not matter.

The day of the filming I arrived at the hotel where it was being filmed. And right from the off things started to go wrong. Other people who were to do a piece had not showed up and the crew were getting very restless, and quite stressed. It was at that moment I did the one thing I really should not have, I opened my mouth. “Look I can help you with all this, what’s the story, I can tell them all.” And so it came to pass that I did I think three other peoples stories. So now I was not just in this show, I was the centre feature.

It was a laugh, it was quite good doing it, although I am not a fan of the make-up, I do need all the help I can get. But equally you do learn little things which are useful. Answering the question in a certain way, sitting in a certain way, concentration, all good things and for me all helped by the experience.

The main thing I learned from doing this show, and it was certainly I became even more aware of later on, is that once you have done your bit, once the production people have what they need, you get dropped so quickly. They are done and they are off to the next thing. And as well as this show being the first time I noticed that, it was also without question the worst example of it. I guess it is there way of showing you, you are not a star, nor ever will be.

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