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Hopes for 2009

Hopes for 2009.....

I think at anytime that you take to look back in your life it should have a purpose, a meaning, and I guess the point of taking time to reflect on 2008 must be with the purpose of affecting what will be in 2009. God knows I need next year to be overall better than 2008. Okay so I know already that the first few weeks of the year will be hard, but once they are out of the way, and I have dealt with whatever they bring, then I must move forward, start to live, start to create, start to smile and to be uber positive.

So my hopes for next year, well first and foremost I need and really want a job. I want one where by I can, with hard work and dedication, achieve within. I want one that gives me smiles, pressure, goals, people, challenges, yes I want the lot, and yes I want a lot. I want it to fulfil, but most of all I want a job, I really do not do on the dole very well.

But I also want a far greater level and exposure to my creative side. I plan and hope to take up both photography and art, I want to grow and for each separate section of the site to grow. I want to experience another TV show, and I really want to experience a few things I have never done before. At the start of the year I think I am lucky, because I have already got a few ideas on the go, albeit at real embryonic stage, but I do have some ideas and need only to make them happen.

For Arsenal I want hope, I still believe that this 2008/09 season will finally have a silver lining, and I also believe that this year will bring someone very special to the fore, but what I most want is that at this time next year we can clearly see that we have moved forward, that things have improved and that Arsène is right in his belief. And for football in general, I wish for only one thing, that silly money does not finally ruin it, there is a real danger, a real fear, and I just hope that it does not pan out that way.

London as a city just needs to keep it wits, don’t panic, don’t try and spend its way out of the mess. London is a great city, and can easily see it way through the doom and gloom, but it has to be a little patient and very calm. Sell, sell, sell, that is my advise, work dam hard at selling your wares, focus on bringing in the monies and then you will survive and ultimately prosper.

For the people in my life, I want just one thing, happiness. However they may find it, wherever it may come from. For those that let me down in the past year I also wish for only one thing, exactly the same, happiness, and for those special ones who proved that friends are really gods greatest gift to us I wish for you to experience real joy and happiness in 2009. You see I don’t really ask for much, do I?


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