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Have you ever ?

Have you Ever?

On FaceBook there is an application called “Have you ever?” It asks you a series of questions based on the starting point “have you ever”. They are very random questions, some more interesting that others, some quite boring, some silly and some quite provocative. I have done this on FB, but now for my own site I have lifted off and put them here. For me it is a quite interesting insight.

So the question started, “Have you ever?” and there are my answers:

·         I have eaten a whole spoon of Nutella

·         I have felt alone in a room full of people

·         I have ignored someone who liked me on purpose

·         I have stolen my parents car

·         I haven’t left my house still wearing my slippers

·         I have thought of joining the army

·         I have bought a pair of Converse All Stars

·         I have intentionally killed an animal

·         I have had someone betray my trust

·         I have been to Switzerland

·         I have punched a wall in anger

·         I have sued someone, and won

·         I have wished I was someone else

·         I have been shot at

·         I have flown in a helicopter

·         I have driven without a license

·         I have never wanted to be a mermaid

·         I have performed Karaoke

·         I have cheated at Monopoly

·         I have never gotten a piercing

·         I haven’t watched the Sound of Music more than 10 times

·         I have isolated myself from everyone just to get a breather

·         I have swam with a crocodile

·         I have eaten dog

·         I have scuba dived

·         I have “hit on” one of my best friends family members

·         I have gotten into a physical fight

·         I have played the saxophone

·         I have been to Sydney, Australia

·         I have never had an animal as a pet

·         I have sleep walked

·         I have never been Hypnotized, although Derren Brown tried.

·         I have wanted to run away from everything and everyone

·         I have been married

·         I have never been licked by a cow

·         I have been to Italy

·         I have missed someone so much it hurt.

·         I have run away from home

·         I have talked to myself and answered my own questions

·         I have never been so drunk I blanked out

·         I have eaten far more than I should have

·         I have shot a gun

·         I have gotten so angry I have screamed at the top of my lungs

·         I have got a grey hair

·         I have never spent £500 on a pair of sunglasses

·         I have never read a book more than once

·         I have bought something on Ebay

·         I have made my own clothes

·         I have been so confused I had no clue what to do

·         I have been to New York

·         I have forgotten someone’s name more than 3 times in one night

·         I have performed on stage

·         I have had an operation

·         I have swam with dolphins

·         I have never been to prison

·         I have been to the Opera

·         I have been to Paris

·         I have wished I could fly

·         I have never eaten second hand gum

·         I have been in a car crash

·         I have been to the Ballet

·         I have lied about my age

·         I have danced in the rain

·         I have done a Bungee jump

·         I have never spent all night on Facebook

·         I have slept more than 15 hours in one day

·         I have never sky-dived

·         I have talked on the phone for more than 5 hours at one time

·         I have sung alone to a song but had no idea what the actual words were

·         I have ran a marathon

·         I have never watched a movie so many times I knew all the lines

·         I have been to Egypt

·         I have pretended all was well when it wasn’t

·         I have gone swimming with all my clothes on

·         I have stayed in bed all day watching movies

·         I have never gotten married in Las Vegas

·         I have caught a fish

·         I have fallen off a horse

·         I have fallen asleep on a bus

·         I have gone more than 48 hours without food

·         I have ridden a rollercoaster

·         I have seen a dead body

·         I have made “snow-angels”

·         I have swam in an ocean

·         I have got a tattoo

·         I have accidently called a girlfriend the wrong name

·         I have paid someone to do my homework

·         I have been on a propeller airplane

·         I have stayed up for more than 48 hours

·         I have pushed on a door that said Pull.

·         I have broken a bone.

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