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Good Manners

Good Manners

I have always believed in the power and benefit of “Good Manners”, they are in a lot of ways one of the most simple things to do and to live by, but for some reason they are a commodity that seems to be disappearing out of our lives. Please can we stop this and reverse the situation so that the world can be powered by good manners. In one simple step the world would be a far better place.

In the research for her new book, The Recipe for Success, (out in May09) Blaire Palmer highlighted the one quality all her experts identified as being fundamental to their success was good manners. 

Saying please and thank you, hand-written notes, remembering people's names and using basic etiquette when introducing people to one another were all cited as important if you are going to distinguish yourself, make an impact and get to the top of your field.

This surprised her, given that so many portrayals of successful people present them as mean, rude, dismissive and coarse.

Of course, when you are under pressure (which can feel like all the time) manners are the first thing to go. We make crude gestures to other drivers, we leave out niceties in our emails to save time, we take people close to us for granted.

Yet the evidence shows that good manners are like a lubricant which makes everything else run more smoothly. Far from taking time, it actually saves time. People who feel appreciated will go the extra mile. People who feel acknowledged will want to help you in return. People who have been patted on the back will pass on their good fortune and maybe spread a little happiness wherever they go next.

So what Ms Palmer is saying or has found is that in business, good manners, can be a really positive help, it can make you as an individual stand out, be more professional, and get ahead, but that should not be the sole reason for you to use good manners. Or me personally good manners should be motivated by the greater impact on the whole social world around us.

This isn't a soft skill. It is the grease that oils the wheels. In your workplace this is a time of intense pressure. Even if you are doing well, you probably know someone who isn't. This is not the time to be cutting back on the Ps and Qs but a time to be expressing your thanks and your gratitude to those who help you every day. And equally the next time you are shopping in Tesco’s or your local corner shop, just be polite and say a genuine thank you, the joy you pass on will ripple out to so many others.

Such good deeds do not go unrewarded. We all need help getting where we want to get to and other people are far more likely to lend a hand if they are shown some thanks, and not just given the finger.

One thing I find really interesting is the fact that when you start to search for “Good Manners” online via Google, nearly all the sites that come up are sites for or about children, it appears from this angle that the only people talking about the importance of good manners are those trying to teach them to children. Well either that or you get offered the chance to buy a book from Debretts, for £11.99.

So via my little website I think I am going to start a campaign to bring back the use of good manners, support the little things of saying Please, Thank You, or even just Good Morning, and I know that if I do that, if only I do that, then yes the world will benefit, and will be a little better, and of course if a few others follow, then we can all make a difference, see the difference and enjoy the difference.

Thank you for reading this..... Now read my Top10 list of good basic manners: Click Here


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