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Gay Footballers

Kissing each other in celebration, outrageous clothes, bling, silly dances, back slapping, showering together, and copious hugging and male bonding exercises, serious personal grooming, man-bags, the modern world of a professional footballer is quite a feminine existence. Certainly it’s a vast amount softer than back in the day of the curly Keegan perm! But today I listened to a guy on the radio talk about the non-existence of a gay footballing role model. Of all the thousands of professional footballers there is not one openly gay one.

However is this an odd fact or just a fact of the nature of the game and the world of football. In Britain today I believe the figure is that something like 6% of the male population is gay, although to fair I personally am surprised by that number, I did not think it so high, if it is then in comparison to the world of football it is statistically odd than not one player is openly out.

However is that not just because the nature of the game? the manner in which young boys are introduced to the game, the type of kid you have to be, especially if you are to go on to become a professional. Now don’t judge this comment too early, I know that not all gay men are soft and feminine, they are not all flowery queens, and I am sure quite a few would be a lot more manly than someone like Becks or Ronaldo. Justin Fashanu, who later killed himself, was possible the only ever openly gay footballer, and certainly he was hard, physical and very intimidating.

My biggest point, and even issue, with this subject is this, why am I even talking about it, who cares if there are gay footballers, or not as appears to be the case, for if we are 100% open, understanding, and non-judgemental, they it matters zero what a players sexuality is. Exactly the same as their religion, skin colour or nationality. I believe I am a totally non-judgemental individual, I genuinely believe that to be the case, and for me if an Arsenal player came out as gay, I would not care, nor would I judge him differently, but then again, if an Arsenal player came out as openly homophobic my opinion of him would also not change, because for me, I see only a man who plays for Arsenal, besides that I do not judge, and if I am to except someone as themselves on one side I should also except someone on the opposite as well.


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