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Football Team Jokes

Having a laugh at other football teams, there misfortune, their failings is part and parcel of being a football fan. Having the ability to laugh at yourself, or your loved ones is just what makes you a bigger man, so here on my little website,, I have my section of poking fun at other football teams. Plus also having a giggle at certain players, after all certain footballers do provide us with classic comedy material, Stan “The Dog” Collymore, that bloke with the pineapple hair, and Alan Brazil every time he opens his mouth to name but a few.

On my football jokes section I have picked on all my favourite clubs, Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool, however even in taking the mickey, I will not be having a section on them, there is no way I can have a section or page heading with the name of that club from up north. So sorry, if you are looking for jokes about Grannies, Rooney, Slaves, Ronaldo, Winkers, or even “man of the match” Robson  you won’t find them here, sorry.

But in time you will find jokes about Walcott, Everton, Liverpool, Man City, Celtic & Rangers, Chelsea, Spurs, Roy Keane and so much more, I hope you enjoy it.  

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