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This was a strange one, but also in some ways a really great experience. I had been writing a form of Blog on Arsenal.com for a few months, my subject was a player Arsenal had signed called Junichi Inomoto, the first player from Japan that the club had signed. It had been a fun thing to do. Then out of the blue, Arsenal got in touch and said some Australian TV production company were looking for and “expert” on all things Asian football, and they had suggested me!

A few weeks later, and a few phone calls and emails, I met the two guys from the company. What followed was a amazing experience relating to football and my beloved Arsenal. We travelled to Arsenal’s training ground on press day, we met players, we interviewed them, I say amongst the press corp at a Wenger press conference, it was brilliant.

The next day, a match day, I was being filmed all around the ground, at Arsenal tube, outside the club shop, inside the ground and it was really interesting doing so because I am sure other fans thought I was someone famous. I spend two days talking tosh like I was some sort of world renowned expert, and I did not slip up once. The guys from Oz thought I was doing really well, or at least that was what they kept telling me, and I felt really comfortable, and enjoyed it.

About a month later I got an email from Steve, the producer, he told me the show had gone out on Star TV and some Chinese channel, and they were really pleased, the viewing figure was just over 100million people. I was a star in China!. The show was also sold to Australia, Japan, Thailand and around the middle east, and had been received really well. And that really had given me so much pride. Okay so I was talking tosh, okay so I did not have a clue what I was doing or meant to do, but somehow it had worked and the show had been a real success.

A few months later received a copy of the tape, and thought to myself I would sit down and watch it at the weekend. And to this day I still have not seen it. I was so proud of it, and did not want to ruin that feeling by seeing my ugly mug on the film.
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