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First Review CM10

Championship Manager 2010

Game review

I am quite a sad old man because I have now bought and played every edition of this game right back from the first one. Every year, or in some cases every two years I have bought the game upon its release and played it over and over again. I have been known to play for days on end, as hours pouring over the stats have consumed me as I seek to guide Barnet from no where to winning the Champions League. So here I was a week or so ago excitingly downloading the latest version of my favourite strategy footie game. And maybe the download situation was the first clue of what I was about to be playing, it took forever.

Okay lets start this with the one real obvious negative. CM10 is slow, exceptionally slow, painfully slow and I have my own theory as to why. Graphics. For me the builders of this game have spend too long trying to build on the image side of the game rather than the core game itself. CM the series, should all be about the tactics and strategy you use to build up your club, it is for me about building your team, your squad, buying the right players, getting your tactics right and being a football team manager. It is about finding the uncut diamond, buying him for peanuts and then having him become the star of your promotion winning side. But this version of the game try’s to be all about the look, the feel, the image of the game itself and yet still we have no football agents to help us move a player that we want.

I am not opposed to making it look better, but when you do have to sit through a game and watch the whole match, it takes forever, it is almost in real time. But it is not realistic. Players kick the ball into touch for no logical reason and miss open goals that are just silly. The match play is not realistic and so all that emphasis on this element of the game is pointless. But the worst part is that you have no choice, you have to sit through it. In the last edition of the game I could easily play a full season in about 6 hours, with CM10 I have been playing for 15 hours thus far and I have not got to the January transfer window as I try and lead Derby to promotion.

Okay so what are the positives, well the new scouting facility appears to work quite well, the tactics are easier to work once you get your head around them and I like the “with-ball and without-ball” aspect which works. The navigation around the game takes a bit of research but once you have discovered it all it is good and easier to use. The media section could become useful and does give you some good tips.  And yes it does look better than previous versions.

Football is a game we all love and the CM series is also something I personally have loved, I have always got copious hours of enjoyment and relaxation from playing the game, but CM, like all the others appears to be too focused on style over substance, and that for me is a real shame. Don’t read me wrong, I have no problem with the game looking better, but that should not be at the expense of the game itself and in this edition I feel that is the case.

My feeling after my first real look at CM10 is that I will grow to love it, but it will be perhaps for different reasons and I am going to be playing this game in a very different way to all previous ways, the seasons will be longer, much longer, and I hope that it can draw me in and keep me hooked, but it is so slow and already I am not feeling addicted like I should by now.


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