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Fever Pitch, The movie...

Whenever the moment comes in life where it just could never get any better, I have often wondered if that is the moment to get off. Well that moment came for me in 1989. Not on a given day but the cumulating of all the most important things coming together in one magical period. And then to my utmost surprise someone wrote a book about it, and then a movie.

Fever Pitch is the story of a sad old git, just like me, whose whole life revolves around the beautiful game, and in particular Arsenal Football Club. It is also about when normality and life as a football fan collide, girls getting in the way of a mans true love. And again for me this was the story of 1989. So when the opportunity appears to be an extra in the movie it just had to be done.

The football crowd scenes were filmed at Craven Cottage, at the time the last football terrace left in London, and we were to help recreate those great old days. We were asked if we could help them make it as realistic as possible, and for me and my friends this was a classic moment. The surges on the terraces were something we had all grown up with, we knew how they worked, what would happen and how to stay safe, however, the vast majority of people who had turned up to be extras, plus the films stars, had no idea, and they were in for quite a shock.

Piling in on top of Colin Firth was not my idea of heaven, but the temptation to scatter the crown that surrounded him was just too much. As the director called action, myself and my friends, plus a few other proper fans leapt up, ran down the steps and surged the whole collected group. Bodies lay all over the place, the stars were obviously shaken up, we loved it, and the director was deliriously pleased. “Again, lets do that again”, he repeated over and over as those poor shocked souls got back to their feet. And then for a about four hours, plus three costumes changes, are purpose was t just keep knocking people over. The glamour of making a movie!

This was one that I had to see, for all sorts of reasons. One just for the movie, and two, to see if we could see ourselves in the final film. And then within the space of about five minutes I say myself, clear as day, three times. The perfect way of capturing the greatest year of my life, and it was almost in perfect context.

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