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My Favourites

This section on my website PaulKavanagh.com is dedicated to those parts of London Town I regard as my favourite parts of the greatest city on earth. These are places that have impacted on me, have inspired me, have motivated me, have shaped the person I am today. Above all these are the parts of London I simply love the most.

Of course these parts of London Town mean different things to me, that have come into my life at different times, have therefore meant something to me at different times in my life. But somehow at the time of writing these pages of my website I feel compelled to include them on the site. I have said a number of times before on this site how much London means to me, how much London is me and I have so many reason to say thank you to London, even wrote a poem about my thanks to London. And one of the main reasons why London means so much is the very fact that it never fails to reveal something new to me, and another beauty of the place is that even parts I have seen over and over also manage to show something new, something fresh. London is a city in constant evolution, and I love that about the place, it is a trait I admire.

Of course I have mentioned that it is also a city that has its flaws, but even those are things that for me just endear me more to the place. I have travelled to a copious amount of this world, every city, every town, every country I have been too has flaws, nowhere is perfect, but for me, London Town is the place on mother earth that comes the closest. Why?, because it is the city on earth where the world is all here, it is the global city, the one real world city. And I love it.

One of the great things about London is the variety of the place, yes all cities have their good parts, the rough parts, the rich parts, the creative area, the funky area, the slum, and London is of course just the same, well except in one area, London has numerous versions of each type. Plus it has every other aspect a city should have, and when you come to London just know that you will never get to see it all. But I hope you enjoy my highlights, my faves....


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