And in the end it is not the years in your life that counts, it is the life in your years


What is a typical family, they say you can choose your friends but not your family, and I guess from that they mean that those people you call family are people who you may, or may not, pick. So therefore would I pick these people as my family?

Well again I wonder what is a typical family, and do I belong to one. I don’t, and I think never have, believed I was part of a typical family. But, and this is the major thing, is that my fault. I have always felt like the odd one out. I do believe that the rest of my family is far closer to each other than I am to any, and this is in some way a reflection of other parts of my life. As in my life, I am a loner within my family, and so, who the feck am I to judge if my family is typical or not. “It’s not them, it’s me”!

I have three brothers and a sister, five children, so that is indeed quite the norm for your Irish household, certainly in days of old. And as each of my family has grown up and led their own lives, built their own life, made their own choices, then I guess as a parent myself, that is really all you can ask. So maybe we are that much more typical than I have felt.
So if it is me that is the odd one out, why am I so? And that is a question that I have no real idea as to the answer. Am I so different from them? I believe I am, but what makes me so sure. After all I am sure we all want much the same things out of life, I am also sure we possible have much the same morals and values as each other, and the differences are fairly obscure. So is it just that we are not much different, it is just that I feel different and therefore it is me who has created the wall, the barrier. That would certainly ring through with so much of my life, so much of who I have become, of what I have created.
As the baby of the family, and a very late addition to the flock, is what I feel just a symptom of being the youngest, my family were all going through life at a very different point, three of them  would remember the sixties, whereby I was born in the decade, while they lived it. So it is natural that for my older siblings they could have some different views on a number of aspects of life. My teenage years were the seventies, and they were a different time to grow up in, especially in Dublin. So is the differences I feel not a family thing but a cause of a different time, if you grow up in one decade as opposed to an earlier one, then it is a possibility.
This website is about me, not anyone else, so although I have a family it is not for me to comment about them as individuals, this site is just my explanation of my feelings, my thoughts and the world according to where I am at.


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