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Return of Eduardo

The return of Eduardo

Last I sat and watched Arsenal in the FA Cup, a home tie with Cardiff. This should have been a stroll in the park, yes they are doing okay in the championship, yes they are not a bad side, but even so, it should have been a gimmie, and so it proved. But for me this game was all about someone else, this game was all about Eduardo Da Silva. Welcome back son, we missed you, you were always in our thoughts and we are so glad to have to back.

Eduardo was injured a year ago, by a nasty challenge, in a pivotal game against Birmingham last season. It was a really bad tackle, almost a nasty challenge, but one that is part and parcel of the game. But also one that could have finished the career of a really wonderful footballer. For some time people wondered if Eduardo would ever get back to playing, moreover, I wondered if he would ever get back to doing just what Eduardo does best, that is scoring goals. For me Eduardo is maybe the closest thing we have ever had to a natural replacement for Ian Wright, he is all about scoring goals.

Last night, Eduardo tackled, ran, moved with ease, but above all, Eduardo did what he does best, he scored goals. Two goals, one in each half, one from the spot, one a clean header in a move he set up himself. Eduardo was back and the Arsenal can be happy.

I said on this website, at the start of the season that this could be a difficult season, but, it would also be a season that ends with a silver lining. Although last night was not what I meant, having Eduardo back is a wonderful silver lining already. However I also looked at the Arsenal last night and just got this feeling that the Arsenal family was starting to get stronger. Not involved last night were, Cesc, Ade, Eboue, Walcott, Rosicky, Almunia, Gael, Johan, and of course Arshavin!, even RVP started on the bench, and yet the Arsenal family totally dominated the game.

It does appear that at this turning point of the season, things are starting to fall into place. Players coming back, others benefitting from having played a lot of games, and a new star being given time to settle into the family. As we start to gear up for the Champions league, the FA Cup and even the Premiership, it does appear that the Arsenal are getting stronger. An example of which is up front, Ade will be out for a few weeks, but in RVP, Bendtner, Eduardo and even Vela, we have options, and dam good options at that. Another example is out wide, again Vela, or even Eboue, can be good support to the ever improving Nasri and the new boy Arshavin, with Theo only a few weeks away to add even more spice to the mix.

I said at the start of the season, this would be one with a silver lining, and today I am really starting to believe that, I am starting to get that special moment feeling, and considering just how written off we have been this season, that is a wonderfully dam good feeling to have. C’mon you Reds !


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