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Early Years

I have so few real memories of the early years of my life, sad ones relating to my brother who was ill and in hospital for many years, sad ones that I was so distance from my other brothers and sister, painful ones relating to my dad, and the worst ones relating to what a sod I was as a kid.

But for all that, and looking back now all these years later, I was still quite a normal child, I played football all the time, I loved my football, I climbed threes and loved to visit St. Anne’s park, I was pretty bad in school, but really liked English, Geography and History. I loved to run.

Looking back now however I can see some of the seeds that would grow in me, and formulate the man I would become. I liked to play on my own, I knew no difference, and it is that element of individualism that would really stay with me even to this day. With my football I could go out and play for hours, as long as I had my neighbours wall I could have a game, I could invent a game and could spend hours with that wall and my ball. I was not a kid who pretended to be someone else, I was me, and in my mind I was the star, I could bend it like Beckham before he was even born. I was football free-styling before they had come up with the concept and I thought about the tactics of the game before Andy Gray and Sky were telling us what to do. Thinking, inventing, self-motivation, individualism, hard work, creativity, self-starting, and yes isolation were all part of my early years, and all play a part in me know.

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