No matter where you go or what you do, you live your entire life within the confines of your head.

Cosmic Ordering

Phrontistery: A Thinking place

I found this word by accident, I was searching the web for wonderful weird words and found a superb website called, which was a website someone have lovingly put together full of amazing words, I have spent hours reading through it and trying to learn, and use, lots of the words that are listed. The word Phrontistery itself means a thinking place, a place to think, and I have to say that that idea alone is something special. Finding or creating a place just for the sole purpose of thinking is something I believe we should all do.

Feeling a bit down on my luck of late, and finding myself with time on my hands, thinking is something I have being doing quite a lot. Thinking of my life, my highs & lows, my family, my dreams and aspirations, and above all just what the future has in store for me has consumed many an hour or ten. However with me, a part of who I am, means that I have also been thinking copious amounts about work things, business ideas, marketing ideas, people ideas, I am something of a deep thinker, it has always been apart of me, but not something I show or tell the world around me. One part of is me trying to open up about who and what I believe I am. 

One aspect of thinking that has come across my radar of late is the concept of Cosmic Ordering. The idea that we can all just tap into the cosmic order of things and wish for the things we want, or “order” the things we want and the cosmos with simply deliver them. If true, wow what a powerful and very useful tool to have. I have never been a book reader, so trying to read the book on the subject is proving mighty difficult. I think someone called it “hyper creativity syndrome”, the situation in your head that means that as you think of one idea, and before you even finish the details, more ideas are born in your mind, and then they too multiply. It seems that really successful people have this as a positive trait, it becomes really powerful once you learn to utilise and control it. Not something I have yet done. But because of it I tend to find reading a book really difficult, because too many ideas pop into my head.

But getting back to cosmic ordering, which is what this article is meant to be about, I have read a number of pages on the subject, which I know does not make me an expert, and to me it makes just as much sense as it does also sound like gibberish. So I find myself searching out a quite place, relaxing my mind, making myself comfortable, and trying to find my pineal gland, otherwise known as my cosmic eye, relaxing deeper, breathing slower and deeper, I find myself very chilled out, I have a picture in my mind of a very beautiful place, tranquil, the sounds around me are not of my house but are of the water, the trees, the birds that live in my beautiful place, and if nothing else this experience will have served as a serious chill out moment. I place my realistic order with the cosmos, I believe it will happen, I make sure the cosmos knows exactly where to deliver my order, and thank god I am not relying on Royal mail, and now I awake. Yes I do feel better for the 30 minutes I have spent in the Cosmic shop, I really do feel more relaxed and chilled, even energised and uplifted, however within seconds I now fear I will have blown my order because my doubt and scepticism, life just can’t be that simple, can it?



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