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Principle Parties

I have just had the dubious pleasure of watching the various Party conferences on the TV. Same old, same old. I have no idea still what you would get from the Liberals, well except a sore bum from sitting on the fence all that time, and then there was the labour Party who managed to save their most important policy announcement to after the events so they did not have to face the backlash, and finally the Conservatives in Manchester. As for the Tories, well all that will really be remembered will be Boris’s jokes, Hague’s list and oh yeah, some bloke called David was there as well.

The truth is, 3 party conferences, 600+ MP’s, 1000’s of party workers and not one leader amongst them. For me all I saw were people trying desperately to score points, get a laugh or a round of applause, and trying to show they could manage the countries situation better than then the others. All I saw were managers and not one real leader of people.

Over the pond, in the grand old USofA they have a leader, a real leader, in Mr Obama. Okay so perhaps he is more style over substance, he is certainly an exceptional orator, but equally he is an inspiration, a motivation and is someone that others will always follow. He is therefore a leader, and his country follow him, as does the rest of the world. Obama can say just about anything and people will cheer and clap and believe. But for us in the UK, we have no one who is a leader, no one with the guts, the determination, the belief or the character to stand up and say, “I am your leader, believe in me, follow me”. Instead we get, same old same old.

Even in a country like Italy they have a man who is a leader, certainly also a scaly, but someone who stands up and says, “I am the leader and you will follow me. But what you may ask is the difference, and why is it so important. Well a person who manages is someone who takes control of an existing challenge and manages it, nothing more, a leader is a person who takes a nation and leads it to their view of a better place. However the real difference is that for someone to lead, others must follow, and in that, togetherness is born. Manages like division because they then only have to manage a part, leaders want to build, have more followers, have a larger tribe, and leaders know that the bigger the tribe, the bigger the influence.

A number of years ago, politics here in the UK became boring, for me the main reason for that is all the main political parties merged into one, all three parties sought the middle ground, they wanted to be all things to all men, and women for that matter. The sound-bite replaced the principle as the Politian’s weapon of choice. A quick headline was easily more important that an original thought and the birth of the career Politian generated a group of people who were more interested in themselves and their long term than in anyway the future of their constancy or their country. For so many, best say nothing at all than bring attention to themselves. However the loss of the political principle is for me the greatest loss to us the simple people of this great Britain.  

For me politics should be about principles, not about power. I remember the days when a parties principles were what defined it. Today it is their logo, their brand that is what they put up. In days of old a man knew what Labour was about, they were true to a socialist belief and if that was what you as an individual shared then they were your Party. In balance the Tories were right wing, believed in the individual, in being patriotic and in freedom of choice and freedom of the market, you as an individual were responsible for you as an individual. The difference was clear and easy for the individual to pick their side. Today the words and rhetoric of each party could easily be translated to the other and so people get confused. Of course out of that greyness comes shards of colour, Green parties and of most concern, Red, White and Blue Parties. The extremes, with policy based on principle, on an honest belief, make sense to people because that is what the people want. They want definition, clarity and for their Politian’s to say what they understand and want. Even those who preach something you do not want to hear, or something you whole heartily disagree with make more in-roads because they communicate a principled message. Maggie, Churchill and for a long time Blair were leaders, their tribe followed, their supporters believed the message and they lead this country, and yes of course they were those that opposed these leaders, but for each, they always had the majority, and why, because love them or hate them, they lead based on the principle of their belief.


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