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Cold is the New Hot

Cold is the New Hot !

I love the marketing headlines that surround us all on a day to day basis. Cold is the New Hot, Pink with yellow dots is the new black, round is the new square, and so forth. Everything is new, everything must be the new this or the new that, even old is the new new has been tried at some time or other. I remember hearing many years ago, when I worked in publishing, that on average a person living in England saw, but was not really conscious of, around 300 advertising messages each and every day. And somehow I guess now that number may be even higher.

So when I was hit by such a message that today and forever more that Cold is the new Hot, I was really amazed, because in truth I am not really a great fan of the cold, and certainly much prefer hot. But I need not have worried because this was not for me personally, but was in fact to do with my washing machine. But again this got me thinking, should I not indeed find what is, or what could be, the new Paul Kavanagh?

Intelligent is the new stupid, skinny  the new fat, or poor the new rich? I really don’t quite know just which area of who and what I am to have a new one. Do I really want to change or is this just me trying desperately to fit into the blandness of today’s way of thinking. Maybe I should try something totally different and try and create a situation where Paul Kavanagh is the new Beckham, Hawkins or Elle MacPherson.  Yes what a wonderful place this world would be, if everyone was, or rather wanted to be, Paul Kavanagh. So rather than me trying to be like them and change just one individual, maybe it would be better if the 6billion people in the world were more like me. Dam I have just realised, Paul Kavanagh is now the new Gordon Brown!

Okay so the concept of me changing everyone else does not really work, albeit that to me it is such a pleasing idea, so therefore it is back to the drawing board, just what is the new Paul Kavanagh and do I really want there to be such a reinvention. Maybe that is in fact the real question here, do I want a reinvention. I have had 3 thus far in my life, the first when I moved to London, the second when I left the world of retail, and the third when I left publishing to become a hotelier. So at this point in my life, do I need, and do I want, a forth changing. Lets face it, there is nothing wrong with change, the old saying a change is as good as a rest and all that, but I feel I may also have to balance that with the adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and while I may not be a dog (woof woof), I am also not that young!

So maybe that is what I can reinvent myself as, something ridiculously different from the norm, Paul Kavanagh is the new Paul Kavanagh, I will recreate myself as me, after all I am perfectly happy being me, I like being me, and I am very good at being me. I am happy with being me and being Paul Kavanagh is something I can be dam proud of.  I am happy being a hotelier, a cook, a painter, a comedian, I like the fact that I try new things and have a very high work ethic, I am aware of my perceived failings, being overweight, smoking, opinionated but also know that my positives far outweigh those that others see as failings.

So that’s it, Cold may be the new Hot, but for me, the brand that is Paul Kavanagh, being exactly who I am is the new Paul Kavanagh, after all as the song goes, “I am what I am, I am my own special creation”, and that is good enough for me. Oh how I love it when a plan comes together.......


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