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Close Soho

Close Soho to Cars

Okay so you saw the heading and thought what is this site talking about? and yes I may have slightly misrepresented the idea, because the last thing I would want is to close Soho, but what am I do believe in is closing it to cars and really making it a heven for street life culture.

The idea here would be to close a number of the streets in Soho, with the cental one being Old Compton St. But more that just that one, I are also suggesting Romilly Street, Greek St, Firth St and part of Dean Street up to Soho Sq.

Imagine a part of this city where the people are the entertainment, where people watching is the prime sport. A part of the city where London restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes have filled the air of the wonderful smells of fresh foods. During the hazy days of summer somewhere in the city where you can really chill out and kick back.

To add to it all we would also suggest a cap on the "brands" of shops, so therefore with the "Peoples Zone" only two Starbucks or Pizza Hut, that way people know that when they come down they will have copious choice.

Of course this idea is more about the idea itself rather than the location, but for us Soho already has an air about it, but the idea could easily work in the streets around Leicester Sq. Covent Garden or Carnaby Street.

London is one of the few major cities in the world that does not have this type of culture, yet possible has the best potential venues for it. Whats more it is now easily the food capital of the world, with some many Michelen Star restaurants. This idea is not just about the sale of drink but about the creation of a very different culture, a more relaxed, friendly enviroment.

So c'mon Mr. Mayor do something useful and create something more useful, and far more enjoyable. And with no cars in the People Zone even you can support this one. 


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