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Chicken Recipes

Chicken Recipes

“It tastes like chicken” that is the typical answer to just about any weird or unusual food that people need to describe, which of course is a strange one, because not only is chicken a very popular food, but also one of the most cooked items around. And I like chicken. For some chicken is one of those easy to pop in the oven and roast things, easy to cook, easy to eat foods. But there is just so much more to this bird of eat.

One thing I love about the world wide web is that all sorts of different and special ideas, and in this case recipes are all out there, you can just type in what you want and up pops a host of ideas for you to use, maybe to adjust a little, but in the main copious ideas are there, shared for us all to use and get inspiration from. It is amazing just what you can find to help you. So even something as simple and plain as a chicken can be recreated into something quite wonderful.

So I have always surfed online and found a whole host of different recipes that I have tried and in the most cases really enjoyed and now here they are on my little website,, so that you can have them, try them, cook them and I hope really enjoy them. Thank goodness no one can copyright a food recipe, after all in my mind nearly all of today’s weird  inventions are possible just re-inventions from days gone by, passed down through the families and then shared with others at some point.

For me that is the true wonderful beauty of food, for even though it is primarily just something we have to do to survive, it has in fact become something we now do that bonds people, that really brings people together, gives them time to talk and something personal to share. The hospitality of food is maybe one of its greatest flavours.

So here on my website is an assembled collection of Chicken Recipes, some easier to cook than others, but all very tasty and I hope you enjoy them.


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