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Chelsea's Transfer ban

Chelsea Transfer Ban

So Fifa have decided to ban Chelsea from buying players for a few years, and all because they bought a young player from a French club. There are just so many different aspects to this story, the joy of seeing the biggest ever money spenders banned from spending any more, the language used by commentators and pundits, the impact on other clubs, the double-standards of Fifa and so much more.

Chelsea have been found guilty of tapping up a player, and as we all know this is not the first time they have done this, or been caught doing this. One would think they would learn their lesson and at least not get caught. But the ego that is CFC is so big this situation should not really surprise anyone. It is true that Chelsea are possibly not the only football club that does this, but they are the only ones who keep getting caught.

The impact of the transfer ban will effect Chelsea this season, it happened after the end of the window so one has to suspect that Carlo had the squad he wanted. However we all know CFC are an ageing squad, they have needed some young blood for a year or two now and during the summer the talk was of players like Pato at Milan that were supposed to be the main targets. It also looks like they were interested in Ribery, and maybe this is one deal that could effect them in years to come, because he will almost certainly move in January and my guess is that he will end up in Manchester now rather than London.

As an Arsenal fan this type of thing is nothing new. George Graham was sacked, wrongly, by Arsenal a number of years ago for taking a bung in a transfer deal. He was the only manager in Britain to get sacked for such a thing, and so at the time we were led to believe that he and Arsenal were the only club to do such a thing, which of course is crap. Everyone was doing it then, and everyone is doing it now, plus every club in England is maybe doing what Chelsea have been found guilty of. Stealing youngsters from European clubs is a cheap way of building, the set fees involved make it a lot cheaper than securing the services of young English players. For me just like Arsenal and George were not the only ones involved back then, Chelsea are not the only ones involved today.

One thing I did wonder is that after reading the text of the ban it says that Chelsea are banned from registering any new players for the period, so I wonder to myself does that mean that any young footballer at CFC cannot sign a contract, as he cannot be registered, and so if CFC do have any really special youngsters they may now get stolen by other clubs because CFC are banned from registering new players. Now that really could be a serious long term challenge.


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