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Championship Manager 2010

Beautiful Game Studios are finally announcing the next iteration of the Championship Manager series is set to kick off in September 2009, including a brand new feature never before seen in a football management game. - CM Season Live™, and for me I just cannot wait. I have played every one of the eight versions and have been hooked from day 1. However it does have to be said, this is the longest wait yet for a new version and there has been times when I thought that finally my addiction was cured. But now I am starting to countdown the weeks.

Of course just like any football fan I have my views on football, views on how the game should be played, which players I would want in my team or at my club and all the other aspects of the wonderful world of football, and with something like Championship Manager I can live out my dreams and fantasy. I always find it amazing just how additive, and also just how reasonable realistic these games are. And this new version Championship Manager 2010 should be no different.

Of course they will have added in some new features, and I am betting that in most cases those new things will be nowt more than hype and will not really impact that much on the game itself. I keep hearing about something called CM Season Live, but from what I can see it is little more than a patch, and a way of updating the information and data on the game. But for me CM2010 should be much more about the business side of football.

Todays game is far more a business than it has ever been before, and i really think CM2010 should reflect that. I would love to see much more game play ideas that revolve around that aspect of the game. Football agents do appear in CM09, but only in a very small way and never in a really good way, I would love to see much more detail and game play around agents. The other things I would like is for the business and commercial side of the game to be bigger and in more detail. I would love to be able to influence the revenue side of the club I am manager of. But I bet Championship Manager 2010 does not do this. I wish more effort was put into the strategy elements of the game and less into making it look like PES. Championship Manager is a management game, that is the core base, and so more effort into that mental side should be put.

But from this point I have only a few weeks to wait, so I guess it is time for one last play of CM09, maybe start with Barnet and win the Champions league a few times before the latest version comes out to play.


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