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Caribbean Cooking

Authentic Caribbean Recipes 

The Caribbean or West Indies is a part of the world not celebrated for its cooking, it is no France, Italy or even Japan, but man how wrong can one world be. For this is a part of the world that is simple made for great food and even greater cooking. The sunshine, the sea and above all else the passion of the people made the Caribbean a food lovers paradise.

On these pages of I have collected together some of the most stunning dishes you could ever hope to eat, and what’s more they are also really simple to cook. And thanks to the globalisation (never thought I would say that) all the ingredients are available from your local market or great food store. 

Every island in the West Indies has their own specialities, mainly driven from the local crop, but a few things really dominate, fish, chicken and the wonderful scotch bonnet pepper. It is not just the sunshine that warms you up inside when it comes to the Caribbean, the food too is like the girls, hot and spicy with a really delicate touch, but always watch out for the kick!

I have broken down the recipes and collated them in sections based on the main ingredient, so you have your chicken, beef, pork, fish sections and in each section you always have at least 3 recipe suggestions. So go on, get cooking in a rub-a-dub stylie, put some reggae on your music player, crank it up and cook. Remember to cook any of these dishes, you have to cook with passion, rhythm and with the sunshine in your heart. Yeh Man !!! Respect!

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